30 Foreign Films to Understand the Art History

A famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Art and nothing but art! It is the great enabler of life, the great recruiter of life, the great stimulant of life.”

Since art exists for that reality does not destroy us (as Nietzsche said), here’s a list for a better understanding of art, painters and historical moments; what augments and educate our sensitivity.

Here, we bring for you the list of 30 international movies to understand the history of art.

1) Carnival in Flanders, 1935

The work depicts the arrival of the Spanish soldiers Flanders and aspects of Dutch and Spanish Baroque school.

2) Rembrandt 1936

The work depicts the change of life of painter Rembrandt and the death of his companion.


3) The moon and sixpence, 1943

Adapted work of Paul Gauguin life.


4) Five women around Utamaro, 1946 : An adaptation of the life of Japanese artist Utamaro.


5) Moulin Rouge, 1952

Based on the novel by Pierre La Mure, the film depicts moments of life of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec.

Moulin Rouge movie poster 1952

6) Lust for Life, 1956: Adaptation of the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

7) The Picasso Mystery, 1956

Adaptation of the life of Pablo Picasso.


8) Montparnasse 19, 1958: An adaptation of the life of the sculptor and painter Amadeo Modiglani.

Montparnasse 19

9) El Greco, 1966: adaptation Donénikos Theotokópoulos’s life, El Greco.


10) Frida Naturaleza Viva, 1983

Its an adaptation of Frida Kahlo’s life.

11) Caravaggio, 1985

The movie is an adaptation of the life and work of Michelangelo Merisi, Caravaggio.

Caravaggio, 1985

12) The passion of Camille Claudel, 1988: An adaptation of the life of the sculptor Camille Claudel.

Camille Claudel

13) Dalí, 1991: An adaptation of the early Salvador Dalí fame.

14) Vincent and Theo, 1990: Fragments of the life of the Dutch painter Van Gogh and his brother.


15) Van Gogh, 1991: Its a work of last summer Van Gogh’s life.

16) Surviving Picasso 1996: An adaptation of Picasso’s life and Françoise Gilot lover.

17) I shot Andy Warhol, 1996: Film that portrays the society and art of the 60s, based on the story of Valerie Solanas.


18) El amor es el demon 1998 : Its an representation of the moment of greatest success of Francis Bacon, in confluence with the time that his companion decides to end his life.

19) Lautrec, 1998: Toulouse Lautrec adaptation of life, based on his personal life.

20) La hora de los valientes 1998: A representation of the transfer of works of art from the Museo del Prado to Valencia during the Civil War.

21) Goya in Bordeaux, 1999: Adaptation of the last months of Goya’s life.


22) Abajo el telón 1999: Diego Rivera in this work is given the task of painting the antechamber of the Rockefeller Center, in a complicated period for artists.

23) Pollock, the life of a creator, 2000: Work based on the book by Jackson Pollock on the dripping technique.


24) Bunuel and King Solomon’s table, 2000: recreation of time together Bunuel, Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dalí.

25) Frida, 2002: Hayden Herrera book adaptation about the life of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

26) Modigliani – A passion for life 2004: rivalry match between Picasso and Modigliani.


27) Klimt, 2006: Gustav Klimt adaptation of life.

28) The shadows of Goya, 2006: Marked by the context of the Spanish Inquisition, the book chronicles historical moments in which the painter Francisco Goya was immersed.


29) El Greco, 2007: Adaptation of the novel by Dimitris Siatíopulos about the life of El Greco.

30) Renoir, 2013: Adaptation of the life of the painter Auguste Renoir.



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