5 Simple Steps to Create a 3D Street Art Painting

Street_art_hong_kongContemporary artists Edgar Mueller, Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever use chalk to create hyper-realistic 3D (Three-dimensional) street paintings. Unlike most street graffiti, the artists who paint the floor in 3D are greatly influenced by Renaissance and Mannerist painters such as Rembrandt and Michelangelo. The chalk artists follow strict rules of perspective to create trompe l’oeil (optical illusion) images made to deceive you and make you think you are looking at real people and objects. Street paintings in 3D chalk are short-lived, usually until the next rain, and are soon erased also by traffic and pedestrians.

Take the following 5 simple steps to creating an awesome 3D street art painting:

1. Plan the design for the street painting in 3D.

Draw a detailed breakdown for painting. Take borrowed images of classic paintings, Renaissance or old masters. Rework and update the images to include modern elements to paint in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci or Raphael. Make a big and finished graphic composition of chalk painting. Use complex perspective, three points with multiple vanishing points to give the impression that you are seeing the top scene.

2. Calculate the size of street painting and buy enough chalk for the task.

Plan a large-scale art work to attract the most attention of passers-by. Explore locations for the artwork. Look for side streets with little traffic. Think of parking lots, squares or anywhere where there is a good extension of level flooring. Get permission from the competent authorities before starting work to avoid being harassed by the local police.


3. Use anamorphic perspective

Use anamorphic painting technique to distort the image so it appears normal when seen from an oblique angle to the street level. Draw a regular square grid on your drawing. Make a second grid on the street. Pass the tape in perspective so it looks back in the distance, making the grid square smaller and smaller. Design drawing from the regular grid for anamorphic grid to stretch and stretch the image. The picture will look distorted in many ways.

3D Street Art Painting 1

4. Sweep the area you have chosen with a wide broom

Buy a nice broom and remove dirt, dust and debris before painting the surface. Choose a prospective point where the image appears normal and place the camera on a tripod to record and view the work in progress. Check out the image periodically through the camera to keep things in perspective. Draw a detailed picture on the grill with pencil-shaped chalk.

3D Street Art Painting 2

5. Peel off the tape from the floor grid.

Color the background area with large pieces of chalk. Configure the settings and the basic shapes with round pieces of chalk. Start at the middle of the scene and work to prevent spreading the chalk. Mix the chalk with your fingers for smoky shadow effects. Add many powerful enhancements to suggest points of reflected light.



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