Awesome Street Art Comes To Life in These Hypnotic GIFs

Much of urban art seems so alive that just need a little boost to make it come to life. A.L. Crego, Spanish photographer and designer, has created a project of photographs creating works of street art in animated GIF. These works seemed about to move and Crego just did enough to give them the final push to make them come alive.

Artist: A.L. Crego.

Source: Tumblr Page | Giphy Page

1. tumblr_nbrmmlHa9u1thk6vpo1_1280

2. crego1

3. tumblr_nb0v7lbg701thk6vpo1_1280

4. tumblr_nbczurTUcb1thk6vpo1_1280

5. tumblr_nafgb6hbb81thk6vpo1_1280

6. tumblr_nicslrfeyW1qktfkzo1_540

7. tumblr_nes21pkx081rlaql2o1_500

8. tumblr_nf1nuqovXt1rqjslvo1_500

9. tumblr_nmwrs6S08A1qzs5cgo1_540



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