Deadly Combination of Street Art and Optical Illusion on the Streets of Iran

Iranian artist and designer Mehdi Ghadyanloo illuminated the city of Tehran in a formidable way. With the approval of the municipality, Ghadyanloo and its mural painting company, Blue Sky Painters, turn gray and lifeless walls into amazing works of art on a large scale.

Many of the murals also interact with the urban environment that surrounds it; in one, raindrops seem to fall from the cloud painted on a tree below the painting; in another, a building becomes an accordion.

Along with the imaginative scenes, Ghadyanloo uses impregnated colors and his ability to blend the murals with existing environments, make his art something incredibly striking to the bustling streets of Tehran.


2. Mehdi Ghadyanloo

3. Mehdi Ghadyanloo

4. Mehdi Ghadyanloo

5. Mehdi Ghadyanloo Mural

6. Mehdi Ghadyanloo Mural

7. Mehdi Ghadyanloo Mural

8. Mehdi Ghadyanloo Mural

9. Mehdi Ghadyanloo Street Art

10. Mehdi Ghadyanloo Street Art

11. Mehdi Ghadyanloo Street Art

12. Mehdi Ghadyanloo Street Art


Source: Mehdi Ghadyanloo Profile



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