Incredible Street Art Mural of a Dog As Big As a 3-Storey Building

The Belgium artist Bart Smeets (famously known as Smates) gave us this amazing work of art 3 stories high on a street in Belgium. The work is a mural of a dog diving in a pool of water.

Artist: Bart Smeets

Source: Artist’s Website | Facebook | Twitter.

1. diving-dog-street-art-mural-smates-bart-smeets-1

2. diving-dog-street-art-mural-smates-bart-smeets-5

3. diving-dog-street-art-mural-smates-bart-smeets-3

4. diving-dog-street-art-mural-smates-bart-smeets-2

5. diving-dog-street-art-mural-smates-bart-smeets-4


Source: Artist’s Website | Facebook | Twitter.




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