This is One of the Most Important Festivals of Mural Art in the World

Scandinavian economies not only have enviable and important programs to support art, but also have buildings with large walls. This has made ​​cities like Copenhagen, Aalborg, Malmo and Helsinki the new capital of the world street art, featuring festivals like  Galore , We Aart , Artscape , Orebro , Saudi or Roskilde.

As countries with zero-tolerance policies against any form of illegal art, festival organizers have done well to win approval of their cities. No city wants to be “vandalized” but if you convince them that you have a tattoo on their walls which are pieces of a global art movement, the perspective changes.

The festival “No Limit” in Boras, Sweden, includes artists from countries such as Holland, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain, including names like Natalia Rak, ETAM Cru, Peeta, ECB, The London Police, Kobra, Ollio, Ekta, Carolina Falkholt, Isaac Cordal and one of the most famous world stencileros: Blek le Rat.


1. Mural Art Festival

2. Mural Art Festival

3. Mural Art Festival

4. Mural Art Festival

5. Mural Art Festival

6. Mural Art Festival

7. Mural Art Festival

8. Mural Art Festival

9. Mural Art Festival

10. Mural Art Festival

11. Mural Art Festival





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