What is Pop Art Style, Origin, Artistic Techniques, and Key Representatives?

Pop-Art 1What is Pop Art?

The pop-art movement emerged in England around the year 1950, but realized its full potential in New York of the ’60s, when shared with minimalism attention of the art world.

The term “pop-art” comes from English meaning “popular art.”

The source of creation for artists linked to this movement was the day-to-day of the great American cities, as the proposal was to break any barrier between art and life that technology created in large cities.

The expressive resources of pop art are similar to those of the mass media, such as film, advertising, television and comic sketches. The Pop Art was actually an artistic reaction to the movement of Abstract Expressionism of the 1940s and 1950s.

A very illustrative example is the work done by Andy Warhol (1930-1987), who performed from a photograph of Marilyn Monroe, one of her image sequence that despite the changes in color, remain unchanged.

pop art marilyn monroe

Critique of mass culture

The artists of this movement sought inspiration in mass culture to create their works of art, approaching and at the same time criticizing ironically materialistic and consumerist of everyday life. Soda cans, food packaging, comic books, banners, pamphlets, advertisements and other objects formed the basis for the artistic creation of this period. The artists worked with bright colors and modified the format of these objects. The technique of repeating several times the same object with different colors and glue have been widely used.

pop artMaterials used

The materials most used by Pop Art artists were derived from new technologies that emerged in the mid-twentieth century. Foam rubber, polyester and acrylic were widely used by artists of this movement.

 Leading artists of the Pop Art:

  • Andy Warhol: high representative of Pop Art Besides being a painter was also a filmmaker.
  • Peter Blake: was the creator of the Sgt Pepper album cover’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles…
  • Wayne Thiebaud: American painter who excelled in creating works with humorous and nostalgic content.
  • Roy Lichtenstein: American painter who worked a lot with comics (comic books), criticizing mass culture.
  • Jasper Johns: American painter whose main work was Flag (Flag), 1954.


The pop art exerted a great influence in the artistic and cultural world of later times. Also influenced the graphic design and fashion related drawings.

One of the main pop art features was the ironic criticism that made the society through consumer objects. Themes of advertising, comics, illustrations among others, were constantly used as inspiration to compose a campaign in the art world.

The Brazilian Romero Britto is considered an icon of pop culture, has created masterpieces invoking the spirit of hope and convey a sense of warmth, which collectors and admirers call it “art of healing”.
His art has vibrant colors and bold compositions, creating graceful themes with composite elements of Cubism. Britto has his paintings and sculptures present on five continents and in more than 100 galleries worldwide.

pop art barack obama Yes we can

The campaign “Yes, we can!” of Barack Obama for the presidential race in the US, had the use of “pop art” and represented an innovation in visual communication of political campaigns, highlighted the youthful aspect of Obama as opposed to that of John McCain. The Obama campaign made a strong impact worldwide, took awards and got the expected answer: victory at the polls.



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